Friday, April 18, 2014

Beach Bag

Trust me when I say I put my beach bags to the test!  We are at the beach quite a bit, but mine also goes to the pool and is often on the boat too.  I regularly stuff it to overflowing and carry it, slide it, haul it and throw it in the trunk.

When we moved here, I used one of the LL Bean XL Boat and tote.  Those bags are sturdy and all of mine have held up well.  It’s down side was it’s weight.  Fully loaded it weighed approximately 99 pounds.  Sometimes bigger isn’t better.

About a year later my sister gifted me with a Scout bag.  It is was colorful, light and easy to keep clean.  It was just as big as the LL Bean bag, and I always had it full.  After a while the laminated material started coming apart on the handles.  They looked ok, but left a sticky residue on the hands.  No bueno.

So I decided it was time to actually find the best beach bag I could.


I ordered this darling bag from Land’s End and I love it.  It isn’t as stiff as the LL Bean bags, and it has pockets.  Pockets are important.  Isn’t the kelly green monogram a great touch?

I can fit 3-4 towels and all our other necessities. 

What does a bona fide beach bum need for an afternoon at the beach?

I’m sure you’re eager to hear.I carry several  nylon zippered pouches with lots of sunscreen, goggles and an underwater camera.  I have other pouches that I keep stocked with granola bars, band aids, a few kids water toys, grocery bags to use for trash.  Hats are a real necessity for the strong sun, so I usually have one or two in my bag as well.  Last year I added a Jambox by jawbone to the bag and I love it!  Because I am fancy I also carry my iphone in a  ziplock bag.  {we have several waterproof cases, but sometimes a ziplock is just easier, you know}


I’m really looking forward to getting lots of use from this beach bag.


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