Friday, May 2, 2014

A Little Recap

As I told you last week, I recently attended my Alma Mater’s reunion.  It was even better than I expected.

We arrived late Friday morning, just in time to walk around campus and enjoy an al fresco lunch.  We were thrilled to see some faculty and staff from our day still there.


Actually the picture looks like we ate lunch alone, but we arrived too late for the Founder’s Day Service  and ended up being a few minutes early for lunch.  Since they can’t fine us anymore for skipping, we lived on the wild side!

We saw our Freshman dorm, which is being renovated.


We were happy to see that the statues were still in Main Hall.  For some reason we used to put little things in the dish of the statue and then go back and see if it was still there. 


We totally didn’t appreciate the beauty of our college while we were there.  We did this weekend.

Have I told you how amazing my college experience was?  Yes, I thought so, but so many others think so too.  Here is another article that was recently written.

Friday night was our class dinner and the only picture I have of all of us is a bit blurry {and y’all won’t even believe it, but this isn’t even MY blurry picture}.


Oh wait, I do have this one, but we are inside and the lighting is not very flattering.  We are posing with Dr. McDaniel here.  He was interim president while we were there and we all adore him.  It was so sweet of him to come to our class dinner.  He kind of likes us too.  He said we are “His” class.



Roomies forever!  One day I am going to tell you all about this girl and our friendship.


Saturday we had a small baby shower for our friend who is expecting (Surprise!) in the summer.  We had a nice lunch and then headed back to the college for our class meeting. 

Mary Ames and I are so thrilled in this picture because we were re-elected as class reps. 


Yeah.  That is a joke.  We do it for the love and money that goes along with such a prestigious position.  Again, I kid.

Saturday night we had a fun dinner at the college and then it was followed by a concert by Daughtry.



Then all too soon it was over.  I love coming home to my guys, but I miss my girls when I leave.  Then I remember that I’ll get to see my girls again over the summer or here and there and my classmates…well we get to do it all over again in five years!

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  1. Holly, I loved reading this! Last weekend was so much fun! Thanks for everything you all did to make it perfect!


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