Friday, May 30, 2014

Teacher Appreciation 2014

Teachers hold a very special place in my heart.  I know the time effort and hard work it takes to teach.  Last week we celebrated those amazing teachers at the boys’ school. 

It was my pleasure to coordinate the week for Jackson's class.  The week before teacher appreciation started I went in and explained the plan to the children and gave each student a paper for them to describe what makes their teacher so super.  I love all the things that they wrote her.  I mounted them on card stock and turned them into a cute little book.


“You help me learn.  You make me feel special and happy inside.  I like you because you care about me.”  Good stuff!


That same morning I had them tell me one thing that was amazing about their teacher.  I love their precious responses.  {One said “responsible”}  Monday morning the parents brought in a really nice breakfast for the school staff and we covered their classes while they ate.  While the teachers were having breakfast I put this door decoration up using the superlatives the children had previously given me.IMG_3251

She got such a kick out of it.  {Especially when he co workers mover the POW sign to right behind her bum.}

Tuesday was my favorite day because each child brought a flower from home to make a lovely arrangement.  I snapped this {blurry} picture before all the children were there, but it was so gorgeous.


Wednesday each child brought a salty or sweet treat and she was inundated with all her favorite goodies and a parent brought her a Starbucks as well.

Thursday the teachers were treated to smoothies and another parent brought the teacher lunch from her favorite café.

Friday morning the class presented her with a generous gift card to John Bull.  She loved it and was able to go last weekend and get a nice gift for herself.

It was wonderful to see the parents and children engaged in honoring the teachers and staff at the school.  They all were so appreciative and said it was the best week ever.

Now let’s see if this can get them through the last few painful weeks of school!

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