Wednesday, May 14, 2014

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Recently Jackson and Miller have been a bit hit or miss in the behavior department.  It seems that lately if they are being good at school they are awful at home and then it flip flops and they are good at home, but not so good at school.

I am glad that last week they were both so remarkable at school!




Being a parent is tough!  I always feel like I am struggling in one area or another, but I know that it is a parent’s job to worry if they are getting it right.

For that one week it looks like we did it right.  Hopefully we can string together enough good weeks to make these boys all that they can be!

I’ll have to tell you soon about the punishment I’ve been handing out when they are unkind to each other.  They hate it!  That means I am doing it correctly, right? 

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