Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Island Hopping: Eleuthera- Glass Window Bridge

The island of Eleuthera has some truly amazing sights.  Besides the amazing beaches there is the some breathtaking beauty.

One day on our trip we ventured to the north to see Glass Window Bridge.  Eleuthera is a long thin island.  The Glass Window Bridge is the narrowest part which is only as wide a single lane bridge that crosses the water.

The most amazing thing about the Glass Window Bridge is the color of the water.  One side has the deep blue Atlantic water and the other side has the calm turquoise water of the Caribbean.

When it was originally discovered there was an arch over the cut, but that was knocked down a long time ago.  When you see some of the force of the waves you can imagine why it was knocked down.

As soon as we got out of the car the boys started scampering up the rocky hill.  I had to really shout to get Jackson to stop before he got to the top.


I had not been to the top, but I had a pretty good idea that there would be a drop off.  This was the drop off…  We held them really tight up there!


This picture shows the amazing difference in the colors of the water.


The Atlantic side…


The Caribbean side…


After that we were off to explore some more.

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