Wednesday, June 25, 2014

World Cup 2014

These boys are over the moon excited for the World Cup, or as Miller says it, “FIFA World Cup Brazil”!  Knowing their love for soccer and Miller’s love for Geography I got them the Panini World Cup Sticker Album.  They have had a blast getting the stickers, adding them to the album and trading the duplicates with their friends.NIK_7547

They know so many of the players and it is neat to watch them recognize players during the games.

NIK_7548We have watched more than a few games already. 



{Miller has swimmers ear last week and since it was so hot, there was nothing to do but stay inside.}

We were invited to a party for England vs. Italy.  Although Italy prevailed, our English friends still managed to have a good time anyway.


When the US has played we have been ALL IN!

We’ve got flags, signs and even had an All American dinner on Sunday night.image

The first American goal came within 35 seconds of their opening game against Ghana.  Allen came through the door as we were going bonkers!


Our American shirts have been getting pretty much worn non stop these days!

The US plays again on Thursday and I know we will be right in front of the TV cheering on the Red, White and Blue from the Bahamas!

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