Monday, June 16, 2014

Island Hopping: Eleuthera

Last week we took our family vacation on a neighboring island called Eleuthera.  We had heard wonderful things about it and we were not disappointed.  Surprisingly, this time I have lots of pictures, so I am going to do a few posts.  This one is our family pics and memories.

We arrived very early on Thursday and after breakfast we headed out to the beach in front of our hotel.  It was amazing.  We dropped our things and the boys and Allen headed into the water.  I needed a nap.  I had been averaging about 4 hours of sleep for the previous week and mama needed a nap.  Napping on the beach is divine.


I woke up to see Allen and the boys all the way down at the point.


Miller picked up a handful of this and pronounced, “Look !  It’s ocean jewelry!”  He is so right.


We walked up about 6 steps to Tippy’s for a delicious late lunch.  It is right on the water and despite having just spent a couple of hours in that water, it never gets old.


We checked in to our hotel, Pineapple Fields.  It is a really nice hotel with 32 small condos.  It has everything you need and was perfect for us.  We had a relaxing afternoon and loved Tippy’s so much that we ate there again that night!


After dinner we headed out to the beach to watch the sunset.  I love doing shadow family portraits.


Jackson took this.  I kinda love it!NIK_7189

The boys assumed their normal positions on the rocks looking for shells and fish.


We found another area of ocean jewelry.



This was the sunset that night….


The next few days went as follows:

Get up, eat breakfast, go to the beach {where we would see one or two other people} and then eat lunch, go to the beach, go back to the hotel, shower, eat dinner and go to bed.

We saw some amazing beaches while we were there.  Our favorite was this gem.  We aren’t sure of the name but Miller called it Pineapple Dock, so that’s what we called it.  It was very shallow and you could go really far out.  We did a bit of snorkeling with the boys and they loved being able to snorkel and stand up.



There were a couple of beaches we went to that had some amazing shells.


We spent most of our time at the beach across from our hotel which had great sand, amazing water and some good snorkeling. 

NIK_7358Jackson was excited to get the camera and chase these fish and try to get pictures of them.  He is still so fascinated with nature.



He also found a baby octopus in a shell.  The excitement was over the top!  Can you imagine being a seven year old that  loves animals and finding your own octopus while you are swimming at the beach?!?


Since you might need a break from all these lovely beach scenes, I’ll stop here for now.  I still have some amazing things to show you!

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  1. Looks wonderful! Wish I could have been there!
    Aunt Chele


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