Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Frolicking

Before we did this, we went here and it was great! The weather was cool and sunny. There were pumpkins to check out, animals to gaze at and of course apples to pick. In a few days we will be making our pilgrimage to the pumpkin patch, so stay tuned for pictures of that.
I have a ton of pictures, so just skip through them if you prefer!
Enjoy these pictures as much as the butterbean enjoyed picking up apples that had already fallen down and taking a bite from them before dropping them!


  1. What fun! Looks like a picture perfect farm!


  2. What a fun time! And LOVE the pics.......keep 'em coming!

    Aunt Chele

  3. Some really great shots! The one of the bumpy pumpkins is my new work computer desktop image. Love the shots of the boys. My how they're growing! I wish I could go to Mom and Dad's to visit with you guys this week!

    Uncle Mark

  4. Love those weird bumby pumpkins...and the orchard pics are wonderful!


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