Tuesday, October 6, 2009

There's a First time for Everything

We knew it was going to happen, we just didn't know when. There was a close call in July, but we mangaged to scrape by without actually going through it, but this time we had to.
We made our first trip to the ER. It was great, as far as going to the ER can be.
Our day started off wonderfully, picking apples here. It was fabulous! (Irma has some great pics on her blog)
Then we went to a park and the children had so much fun. Until, somehow, Jackson fell off the picnic table. He bit through his tongue, loosened his bottom teeth, and got a huge bruise going accross his neck, another abrasion going accross his chin/lip area, and to top it all off he cracked open his right eyelid.
You know how some moms have a First Aid kit with them? I had a paper towel.
As I left, I called Allen at work and asked him to call urgent care and tell them we were on our way, as I knew our pediatricians were closed for a while for lunch. He called me back and let me know that they couldn't see us for two and a half hours. So we just headed to the ER.
Forunately for us, our hospital that is about 3 miles from our house, has a pediatric ER. We have to deal with traffic every time we run to get a gallon of milk, but it is great to live in the big city when you need medical care.
We walked in and never sat down until he was in the treatment area. Great service! The Dr. put Steri-Strips on his eye gash and sent us on our way. Here in the big city stitches are a thing of the past, unless you have a bad jagged cut, then you have to have stitches, but he had a nice clean cut. Good to know if you are a mom! Allen got there just as we were finishing up. It was THAT fast!
Since I had my camera in my purse, I just had to document the event for posterity. My mom said, "That's what you get for having boys." Hopefully this one will last us a while.
He was a great patient

You can't really see his neck, but it was really bruised.

He looks so little, even though there were pediatric beds.

Close up of the eye.


  1. Glad to hear things came out okay. And amazed at the service at your hospital's Emergency Department. From what I've heard (thankfully no ED experience in Albuquerque so far), that would have been a minimum 4 hour wait at the Univ. hospital. Not sure how long at Presbyterian or Lovelace. Would have been great service once you got seen. I hope Jackson won't feel the need to be on top of a picnic table for a while!!

  2. So glad that it went smoothly (for an er visit). How's his loose tooth? We've had multiple visits with Harris and multiple loose teeth.

  3. Dang! So sorry!! Glad he is ok and that ER was as pleasant as an ER can be. Squeeze him for me! Love you. cat


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