Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We got a chance to go to the neatest Pumpkin Patch before we went to NC. We had heard good things about it and it didn't disappoint. You walk into a huge barn filled with all sorts of pumkins that were about $5 each. Yep, $5! I don't know about you, but it bothers me to spend a lot of $$$ on someone's fruit that is going to rot. I also have a weakness for pumkins, I want them ALL! So this place was right up my alley!
After the barn you go up this hill where they had slides, haybales pained like jack-o-lanterns, a big corn maze, a petting zoo, a pirate ship, and more stuff that I can't remember.
Miller was trying to crawl down the slide

We went to the edge of the corn maze and swiped some corn to feed the animals.

And that started a fight in the pig pen. Those suckers are mean-
and smelly!

And then there was the GIANT SLIDE. Imagine (you don't really have to imagine because you know I am going to show you pictures)two ginormous black plastic drainage culverts on a steep hill. Then they add more height to it in the form of a ramp. Jackson must have gone down it 386 times. He had so much fun. Allen took Miller down it a few times. Fun stuff. Except when you get to the bottom and there is a two inch or so drop onto hard plastic! Ouch!

This is his "take me again look."

Our friends ended up coming also and the kids (and adults)had fun going on the slide another 483 times together!

"Hey kids everyone look in different directions!" They nailed it!

I tried making him pose by the corn, but he hasn't yet learned the fine art of the bribe yet!

You wanted a pose well I will pose on this tractor!

Then after all that fun we did a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch. Upon getting there Jackson decided he'd rather have one of the pumkins from the barn. It didn't stop him from picking up several and dropping them like a hot potato. So we ended up getting 2 from the barn. One of which almost met an unfortunate fate, but that is another post all together!

After all that fun we headed home and enjoyed the rest of our beautiful Fall afternoon. If it gets any better than this, don't tell me!

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  1. Those boys make pumpkins even cutier!

    Love 'em!

    Aunt Chele


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