Friday, October 30, 2009

The story of the Punks and Halloween

Happy Halloween!
Let me tell you about my punks. These are a couple of my punks. They have been rescued, so they are even more special than they used to be.

Here are some of our other punks. They have not been rescued for 2 reasons 1) the big one is too big for most kids to carry and 2) after they were decorated they were put in the back yard for the Bug and the Butterbean to see, but no one else. Why hide the adorable punks? Because I have had to rescue our other 2 punks from some real PUNKS!
Before I go any further, please know that I am not perfect and I had my share of fun when I was younger, but I don't remember stealing off of any one's front porch.
So about a week ago, while I was waiting for Allen and Jackson to come home from a haircut, I was sitting in the living room reading books to Miller. I heard what I thought was Jackson's voice and him opening the storm door. We were just finishing the book, and a minute or so later when I went to the door to open it for them, no one was there. I looked in the driveway and Allen's car wasn't there. Strange, but I just kept reading to Miller . A few minutes later they come home and when I open the door for them I notice one of our punks is on it's side and one is missing.
Those PUNKS had taken one of our punks right from under my nose. To say I was mad would be like saying that Donald Trump has bad hair. I was fuming! So I proceeded to walk barefoot down the street to the corner and sure enough, about 3 houses away, I saw 3 PUNKS tossing my punk into a pile of leaves. So I did what any crazed person would do---I started hollering at them to put it back on my porch! They were all pointing at each other, and it was pretty obvious that all 3 of them were involved. The littlest one started sobbing, apparently because he had carried it down there and it was so heavy! So I told them that they had better put it back on my porch. I couldn't help it! The teacher in me just came out and just had to set them straight!
So I walked back to my house with a sobbing boy behind me, whining about how heavy it was. Uh huh, I bet it's heavy! When he puts it back I told him that if he ever comes back to my house again, I was going to tell his mother what he had done. He cried all the way home.
Serves him right. So he is either scared straight or he is on his was to being on COPS in the near future!
About a week goes by and to my surprise and delight our punks all remain on our porch. We even did these little Mr. Potato Head pumpkins with the boys rather than carve jack -o-lanterns. Because they really can't carve yet. And Miller would probably try to to eat the pumpkin guts. We knew that they wouldn't last long so we put them on our picnic table in the back and they have been very happy there!

Then today I leave to run errands mid morning and one of our other punks was missing. I got all mad again and did a little jog (in the minivan of course) around the block to see if I could locate those PUNKS, but sadly I didn't find it. After errands it was still gone. Boo Hoo!
When I left to go pick up Jackson from preschool, I saw it as soon as I walked out the door. It was 2 houses down and across the street, in one piece. It was back in my loving arms again! Reunited and it feels so good. Because I am taking a stand I put it back on the porch. I took a picture tonight because I'm not counting on seeing it again! Maybe I will use it for the MISSING posters I will need to create tomorrow!

This afternoon we went to a Halloween festival. They had lots of fun until Jackson was told he could only have one turn on the bounce house. Then it went downhill faster than Miller eats a cheese stick, but all in all it was really fun.
Hopefully we are going to get some better pictures, but enjoy these for now.

Oh and if you are looking for a costume that is super easy to spot in a crowd, look no further! Where's Waldo?


  1. Their costumes make me want to have another child. I would totally do the coordinating costume thing. Your choice was great. In case I never said it, I LOVE your kitchen and I am jealous of the pumpkin patch pictures. That place was great.

  2. Hi Holly!

    Thanks for coming over and saying hi! Your blog is great. Your kids are adorable. I love those Halloween costumes!

    I hope you guys have a wonderful Halloween!


  3. Funny blog crack me up!! I can't believe they came back for a second time...those punks have nerve!!

    The costumes turned about Precious or as Billy would say----Cutie Patootie!!!


  4. What nerve they have... good for you for marching over there!

    I LOVE their costumes! Just wonderful. My children just love Curious George. Maybe I can get Bryce to dress up as the man and Harris could be a monkey next year???

  5. Oh my those boys are absolutely adorable! I am just wondering who likes dressing up more? You or the boys!!

    Aunt Chele


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