Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another First

Last week was another first for our family. 

I'll be honest and tell you I was not ready for him to go. 

The only option for Pre-School was to send him 5 days a week from 8:15 to 2:45.

That is a long time.

Why so long?  Why every day?

The problem was that he was ready!

Really ready.

Even if I pretended that he wasn't ready and thought I'd keep my baby home a little longer, he told me he wanted to go to school.

I could tell you that as an educator of young children preschool is important. He needs peer interaction, blah, blah, blah.

As a mom I can tell you that I have deliberately tried not to push him much. Not that I want him to be behind, but I know he has the rest of his life to read chapter books.

Why not let him explore his world and throw rocks and play in the sandbox?

I've seen too many parents who want their child to know certain skills by a certain time, no matter what the cost.

What's the rush?

We know that we have a reasonably sharp child and that he learns well on his own.

I am blessed to be a stay at home mom. 

I get to teach him what I want when I see fit. 

I was not ready to fully hand that over.

But he was ready.

That and he can hear the kids at school when they are outside and his poor little self said, "They are having more fun than me."

So I went and registered him.

A week later he started.

Thunk, thunk thunk.  That's my heart breaking a little.

Here he is in his cute uniform (minus the black dress shoes he has to wear).

Remember my boys have wide feet?  Had to order those suckers and they aren't here yet!
 He was a little nervous the first day.  When I went to pick him up, he was over the nerves and happy as a clam!
Just so you can see his school.  it is modest.  It is like a motel.  All classrooms open to the outside.  The windows and doors are open all the time.

Giving his new teacher a high five 

Then away we went.  We left our baby with some lady had met once his teacher.
Amazingly I didn't cry.


  1. Can't believe you didn't cry...I cried just reading the post! So glad he likes it sooo much!!

    Aunt Chele

  2. Wow, windows wide open in November. I could learn to like it there. Though you weren't really ready, glad to hear that Jackson was. That does sound like a lot of time at school, at his age -- even my kindergarten was only a half-day, I remember. I hope it's a quality school and will be a good supplement to his primary learning at home. It should also be a good way to make friends.


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