Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Biggest Wish

Just the other day I was telling allen that I REALLY want one of these
Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes
He may or may not have said something a little snarky about the price.  I countered with how cool it is and how great our new neighborhood is for biking.  Also, I love the color.  The boys would think it is the bomb diggity!  I can pedal right over to Jackson's new school.  Can't you just picture Miller in the back?

Imagine my surprise when I found out ABOUT THIS!!!

Now, I like entering to win things because, DUH winning things that are free, is wonderful!  Right, Anna??

Wouldn't it be great to smile, ride your bike with your lab in the back and flowers in the front.  Maybe not the sweater, scarf and boots here, but everything else, yes, please!

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

What kind of Christmas present would one of these babies be?  Beyond perfect!

What kind of Christmas present would WINNING one of these bikes be?  Amazing and beyond perfect!

Here's to wishes!

OK, I totally didn't stage this, but right as I was typing this post I saw that it was raining and sunny at the same time.  When we went outside to look for one, we saw this.

This is the 3rd one I have seen since we have been here.  Is God making me some big promises or what??
 Please let it be a sign!!


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