Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Life Here

So many of my friends have asked, so here you have it.  What is it like to live here?

Gorgeous!  We have only been to 3 beaches here, but we drive by them several times a day and I don't think I will get tired of seeing that turquoise water.  This is what it looks like when you come out of our neighborhood.

This is what we see on the way to Allen's work.  Not too shabby.

 The sign above this little hut says "Daiquiri Shack".  Haven't tried it, but one of these days...

We have had several amazing sunsets.  They were really pretty in Texas also, but having water makes it even better.

This is what the bread looks like

The grocery shopping, or any shopping for that matter, is a whole other post or ten.

Soon I'll  download some pictures of the houses.  You're going to love the colors!  I was so sly, since I had my camera while Trick-or-Treating, I didn't feel at all weird about taking pictures of other people's houses.

Coming soon, all the things that are strange and not so gorgeous about living here.  Think crazy high prices, crazy dangerous drivers and people who have never seen, much less used a carseat!

Now I need to get away from the computer, we have some coconuts that need to be thrown off the dock.  I'll take things I never thought I'd say for 200, Alex


  1. Looks like a vacation everyday. I would be jealous, but after all the snow you endured last winter I think you deserve this.

  2. Wow, and I thought high desert sunsets were amazing. They are, but...wow. Looking forward to visiting!

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