Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can your iphone do this?

My last cell phone was held together with packing tape.  No, really, it was.  I dropped it too many times and the back kept falling off.  I thought that clear packing tape was a classier option than duct tape. (read that last sentence again when you need to feel better about yourself)  Yes, it is a matter of degrees, but I do have standards! 
It's not that I didn't want a fancy new phone with texting features and all that, but the thing was that if I got a fancy new phone I had to change calling plans.  The newer calling plans offered fewer minutes for more money.  Why would I pay MORE for LESS?  Mama didn't raise no fool, so I"ll keep my packing taped cell phone, thankyouverymuch!

When we found out we would need new unlocked cell phones for living in the Bahamas, we did very little research.  I wanted an iphone.  Those guys are awesome.  So my terrific sister secured two iphones for us from friends of hers who had recently upgraded to the 4G iphones.  I had plans to restore some modicum of my coolness.

Yeah that didn't happen.  See when we updated iTunes before turning them on it LOCKED the phones.  That's not cool because locked phones don't work.  I felt like this

sad face Pictures, Images and Photos
We thought about it and decided to do basically nothing.  I mean I wanted  to be cool  my new iphone.  I figured that if I waited long enough we could get them unlocked.  Don't really have anybody here to call me, although cell phones are handy.

Then I signed Jackson up for school.  About 48 hours before he was to start I realized that if I didn't have a cell phone I would be chained to our home phone all day long.  In case of emergency and all that. 

When my hand was forced I went to the cell phone store and paid $50 for the least expensive model possible.

I was so pleased that it actually has some features that an iphone DOESN'T have.

Can an iphone listen to FM radio?  Nope!

Can you make a fake phone call on an iphone? Nope! (Well you can, but you have to buy an app for that)

Take that apple!


  1. So does that mean your "terrific sister" is getting her 2 iPhones back?

    Aunt Chele

  2. I laughed out loud at the fake phone call. They actually put that in the manual????

    I too have always been very uncool with my cell phone. Up until 3 months ago I had a dinky pay as you go phone that wouldn't even remember numbers. So recently I got an iphone (Bryce upgraded to the 4) and became a little cooler. But the kicker is that I now pay a lot more each month and still use my phone.... never.

    And that's uncool.


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