Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where has the week gone?

Happy Easter! I can hardly believe that I haven't blogged in a week. I'm not sure where the week went. We are still impatiently waiting for Spring to arrive.

After several days of being clean and dry, Jackson regressed some in his potty training and it seems like he will never get it. I know he will, but it just gets old, you know! We stress that he is Big Boy and talk about all the things that big boys do. Babies can't...

So after a monring of many accidents (that I don't really think were accidents at all) he came in the room like this.

In case you fail to notice all the details he is:
1) Wearing rain boots
2) Wearing a rain hat
3) Wearing his backpack--probably preparing to run away to a place where big boys can wear diapers!
4) Has a Paci in his mouth
5) Has a Paci in his hand
6) Has wet pants--AGAIN!
Oh! And he is holding a Pull Up that we have for bedtime.



  1. That is the funniest picture! He will get it eventually (I think regression is common!) but it does get old- for them as well I think. Happy Easter.

  2. That boy needs therapy...some AK therapy!!

    Love it!


  3. Now that is a smart boy. Knows exactly what he needs for wet pants!


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