Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Canada Day

When we moved to the Bahamas I had no idea that I would begin celebrating Canada Day as well as the 4th of July and Bahamian Independence.  Here we have lots of Canadian friends, Bahamian friends as well as American friends.
Our friends and neighbors have a fun Canada Day party every year and are kind enough to invite us non Canadians to their party.  My sister even got to celebrate Canada day for the first time.DSCN1780
The hostess!DSCN1783
Canada tatoos for everyone!DSCN1790
I made these cookies for the occasion.  Yes, those crazy Canadians really do say “eh?” after most sentences!
Singing “Oh Canada”
Lots of crazy children in the pool AND the canal! (we only allow swimming in the canal when it is Canada Day and a full moon)
We ended Canada Day with some sparklers.
Thanks T. family for letting us celebrate your country’s independence with you!

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