Thursday, July 26, 2012


So Jackson and Miller have been saying some funny things that I want to remember.
  • When pooping he says, “If I get really angry it will come out, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”
  • He points to his privates and says, “I gots a tummy ache.”  I say “That’s not your tummy, that’s your privates.”  He says, “I gots a privates ache!”
  • We put him to bed and he says he is thirsty, and we let him have two cups of water.  After we put him to bed his calling and calling my name (generally we try not to go back in), but he sounded very desperate, so I go in.  He says, “I am thirsty!!!!”  I tell him already had two cups and that’s enough.  He says, “Look in my mouth mom, it’s thirsty, AHHHHHH”  I had to give him some
  • He didn’t say this, but—we went to the beach and he is eating part of his PB&J and walks into the water.  I told him to get out of the water, but he doesn’t listen.  About that time he gets a natural consequence of not listening.  A wave gets his sandwich.  He then tries to wring it out!  That boys!
Jackson and Miller are used to asking for everything under the sun and hearing me say, “Your birthday is coming soon, put it on your list.”
So today Jackson looks up and asks me, “Mom, can you get us a butler?” 
Pardon me, let me see if Mr. Belvedere is available to cater to your every whim!

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