Monday, July 2, 2012

Mom of the Year

When I have some of those not-so-proud mothering moments I often refer to just missing the title of Mother of the Year.  I was so close-- until that boy jumped in the fountain and would. not. get. out!  And because he made me get him out I may (or may not) have spanked him outside the restaurant. 
Or was it that time (Ok I do it all the time) that I fed them protein bars for dinner.
Or was it that time when I locked us out of the house, I knew no one and didn’t know hubby’s phone number, then one of the boys fell in the canal and had to wear my tank top until hubby showed up and rescued us.
There is also my parenting book that will be coming out any day now.  Just finishing up the last chapter titled “How to take your kid to a bar and hold your head high”.  I KID!
Recently, I saw this video and it pretty much sums it up.

Do you think these two want to be my friend?  I think we could have a blast together!

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  1. I love your posts. Alot of people's opinions of stay at home moms here are negative but I know that it takes alot of work. Keep on trucking!


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