Wednesday, July 11, 2012

USS Anzio

Our Independence Day celebrating actually began on the evening of the 3rd.  Allen and I were invited to the 4th of July celebration with the US Embassy  in Nassau aboard the USS Anzio. 
Do you like History?  I do, so here you go…
Here is a brief history of what makes Anzio an incredibly important name in U.S.  History.  Anzio is an area in Italy where the Allies fought and held off the Germans in the second World War.  Although that does not sound terribly remarkable, it is is important for a number of reasons.  Because the Allies were able to hold the beach, Germany was forced to send two corps that were initially headed to Normandy to fight the Allies and try to push them back out to sea.  This weakened the forces at Normandy allowing the Allies a victory there.  These victories were not without great loss.  The Allies lost 28,000 lives in nearly 6 months at Anzio.  In one measure of the courage and sacrifice of those who fought there, 23 Americans were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the most of any single battle of World War II.
USS ANZIO  is the second US naval ship to be named in honor of the men and women who served at Anzio. She is dedicated to preserving the freedom won on the Anzio beachhead while keeping alive the legacy of the boundless bravery and fighting spirit of each Anzio veteran.
Makes me tear up just thinking about the bravery shown there and everywhere else by our amazing military.
Back to our regularly scheduled programming!
Our evening on the USS Anzio was a really fun evening that ended with some amazing fireworks.
I’ve never been so close to fireworks before.  One of the good (but a little alarming) things here is that they are not that concerned with liability, so they can do fireworks right over a crowd!DSCN1828DSCN1829
The next day we were allowed to tour the USS Anzio with the family.  As the daughters of a Naval Aviator, my sister and I loved it.  The boys and Allen enjoyed it too.
Miller loves warning signs so he was in heaven!  Look at all these!DSCN1857DSCN1840DSCN1859DSCN1860DSCN1861DSCN1862DSCN1863DSCN1865DSCN1866DSCN1867
Thank you to the Crew of the USS Anzio for the tour, but more importantly, thanks for serving our country and preserving our freedom.

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