Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year we spent Halloween in Orlando, Florida.  Originally I thought it would be great to spend Halloween in Disney World.  As it turns out Disney thinks that over $800 for a family of 4 is an appropriate price for admission. 
Turns out I think that is robbery.  So we skipped the Disney shenanigans and went with plan B.
We went to a Halloween movie, Hotel Transylvania, and the boys loved it.
Then we headed out to trick or treat in Old Town Orlando.  I have to say that it was not quite what I expected but the boys thought it was fantastic.  In my book that makes it a success.
This year Miller really had his heart set on being a Super Hero.  I could have toiled day and night and not done as well as Toys R Us did on the Superman costume.  Luke Skywalker on the other hand…I can make that!!!
Now for what you came here to see!  Luke Skywalker and Superman!
He really got into the Jedi moves!!IMG_0417IMG_0418IMG_0419
Miller was really into trick or treating!
They took off into the stores to begin their trick or treating.IMG_0420
As soon as they got a whiff of the candy, they were on a mission.  They trick or treat like it is their J.O.B.IMG_0422

Until they got to the haunted house.  Stopped in their tracks!IMG_0425IMG_0427IMG_0428
I made them pose in front of the scary decorations.  They did their best to make scared faces in these photos.IMG_0431IMG_0432IMG_0433IMG_0434
The guys stopped for a ride on the teacups.  Mama doesn’t do spinning!
Miller cracked us up. Almost everyone said, “Hello Superman.” To which he responded, “I not Superman, I’m Miller, and I’m 4!” at the loudest volume he could muster. He cracks me up!
Speaking of cracking me up, he now says, “That breaks me.” instead of saying cracks me up.
One family photo and we called it a wrap!

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