Monday, November 5, 2012

We’re Back!

Saturday we returned back to our island home after 15 days back in the U.S.  Going back to the U.S. is such a treat for us.  The restaurants, and stores seem so amazing to us.  The variety and choices are endless.
Our first stop was S.C. and we packed in a lot of fun into our 5 days there.  The weather was perfect the whole time we were there.  Cool in the mornings and evenings and warming up during the days.  Lovely!  My sister lives way out in the country and the boys love it there.IMG_0366
Riding 4 wheelers was probably the highlight for the boys (and Allen).  They went way too fast for my heart so I had to stay inside for most of their trip. 
I even took them for a few spins around the property.
Being in the country brought out the redneck in us and we did our family photos on the 4 wheeler.
IMG_7965IMG_7972 cb74IMG_7972ccb7
We spent some time in Greenville visiting some parks.IMG_8011
My mom took these great pictures of us in the park.  Thanks Mom!
Love this smile!
This is Miller saying, “I’m 4!”
We met up with some friends and had a fun little playdate.  I love seeing my children with their children.
We don’t have any pictures of our evening bonfires. Many   marshmallows were consumed!
Where are the pictures of my sister with the boys?  Hmmm?  Let me find one!
My sister has two huge dogs and they are the biggest babies ever.  The Great Dane, Sassy, loves Allen because he will love on her endlessly.
He’s not the only one.  My older sister Sharon got some lovin’ too!
The last day we were there we took the boys to Frankie’s Fun Park.  They adored it!  Video games, yes, please!DSCN2449DSCN2450
The boys also got their teeth cleaned and did fantastic!DSCN2426
We loved our time in S.C. and already miss it!  Thanks to our family and friends there who made it such a fantastic time!
Our second stop was visiting Allen’s family in NC.  My camera battery was dead by then, so hopefully I will get some pictures from their camera soon!

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  1. Awww love seeing my boys having fun in SC at my house. Miss them soooo much! Can't wait for them to come back in the summer!

    Aunt Chele


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