Monday, November 19, 2012


Y’all we had a major thing happen in our house this week.  Miller decided that he wanted to play soccer.  He has had enough of sitting on the sidelines and he wants to join in.  Although this means another afternoon of watching soccer practice, it is actually so much easier to have him playing.  He likes it!  He really likes it!

Saturday  was the first game of the season and both the boys were playing.  It was amazing!



Jackson’s team is 7 and Under, so he is one of the youngest on the team.  His coach wants everyone to play so he got to play a fair amount.


He had a good save while playing goalie!


Miller spent a  bit of time on the field doing thisDSC_1102

Looking at his friend who plays for the opposition.


Smiling for the camera  DSC_1107

And body checking running smack into one of his team mates.


He then had a water break where he opted to chug my Diet Coke instead of water!


All of us had a great morning, and although their were numerous games, I don’t think we won overall.

However, if you had fun you won, right?DSC_1195DSC_1189-001


Soccer Season looks very promising!


  1. Love that both the boys are playing but I feel sorry for whoever gets between Miller and the soccer ball once he realizes that's what he is supposed to go after.

    Aunt Chele

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