Friday, November 9, 2012

It was that kind of day

I’ll try to keep this short, but it’s likely to be a long one…..
You know the song, “Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.”  I totally had that kind of day yesterday.  I bet you want to hear about it, too.  See I have to share it with you, I just have to.
So yesterday I took the boys to school, did my morning volunteering and stopped at my neighbor’s house across the street to pick up some bacon that she bought for me.  Yep my neighbor bought me bacon.  She’s awesome!
While I was there I mentioned that my brakes were acting funny and  her husband comes out and starts checking things out for me and then pronounces them ok, and for that matter my tires are not in as bad shape as I thought. I never even knew he knew so much car stuff and we’ve lived across the street for 2 years!  Awesome right?
Then I have a coffee date with my friend and so I got over there (with chocolate chip croissants, of course) and we have a lovely time. 
Being a stay at home mom with no children at home can be tough sometimes.  Sometimes I have to have coffee with a friend and play tennis on the same day.  Is this getting to be obnoxious?  Yes?  Well just you wait!!
So as we were finishing up she mentions that she is going to have to get to work organizing her laundry room.  Organizing?  Yes, please!  So we go in look at what she needs and head out to the mall.  I use the term mall very loosely.
So we walk into the first store and lo and behold they have exactly what she needs.  All of it.  In one store.  And it was affordable. That NEVER happens here.  I have to get groceries from at least 3 stores and pay through the teeth. 
We run over to another store just to check their selection, but it wasn’t as good as the first, so we head back to the first store.
As we are walking back I realize we are walking by the phone store. The one where I got this little number. I said I wanted to pop in and see if they knew if I had to get a new cell number when I got a new SIM card for my new iPhone.  (Well to be fair it is new to me, not new, new).  After a minute or two the woman comes out with a little SIM card cutter and cuts my old SIM card for me and I am in business, in just a few minutes.  For free!
What?  How could that happen for free and so easy?  That never happens!
So we went back to the first store, grabbed the things we needed and headed back towards our neighborhood.  Along the way we stopped for gas. 
As we finished she tipped the gas pumper guy (we have those here) $2.  That is exactly 100% more than I –and most of the others- tip them.  I was giving her a hard time about making the rest of us look badly when she turned her key and heard click, click.
Dead battery.  She tried a few more times and nothing.  So she gets out of the car and starts walking towards the gas pumper guy.  He is waving her back into her car and I’m am momentarily puzzled.  Until  just then a pick up truck suddenly pulls right up to the front bumper of my friend’s car all ready to give us a jump.  Huh?  We didn’t even have to ask, beg or pay someone to help us.  They just appeared.
We are quickly back on the road and decide lunch is in order.  We have just enough time to grab a nice lunch before picking up our boys from school.  We pull into the parking lot and there is one parking space.  We got it!  We walk into the restaurant and there is one table.  We got it!
We order our lunches and  they came so quickly.  And they were delicious!  As we are eating, I was looking at the men sitting at the table beside me.  They looked awfully familiar.  As we were having a conversation about people you meet by coincidence, I had a realization.  I picked up my new phone and typed my friend a secret message.  I was being very sly, right?  It said, “I think the Prime Minister is sitting beside me.”.  Yep, he was.
As we left we saw his car.  His license plate reads “PM”.  The leader of this country at a hamburger at a Greek restaurant beside me.
We returned to my friends house, had a quick cappuccino, assembled her laundry sorter and headed to pick up the boys.
I’ll skip the part where I have to do homework with Jackson, because there is nothing magical about First Grade readers and spelling words.
I then decided it was a great day for the park.  As the boys are getting ready to go, my neighbor and the mother of Jackson’s good friend calls and says, “I don’t think we are going to the park, why don’t you bring the boys over and we can have a glass of wine.”
Don’t mind if I do!

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  1. Oh my....what are you going to do today with th boys being gone only 1/2 the day. Poor Holly.

    Aunt Chele


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