Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Growing up 4 1/2

Miller has really grown up so much lately.  I still think of him as this.

DSC_0796 (2)

And just like that he’s 4 1/2 years old!


At 4 1/2 Miller is wonderful!

  • He loves, loves, loves Legos
  • He is also a big fan of all Super Heroes…Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Captain America are his favorites
  • He has an incredible imagination and plays make believe quite a bit
  • Loves to watch everything his brother does
  • Has an impressive vocabulary!
  • Has more than one girlfriend- and promises to marry them!
  • Is still more than a handful, but more predictable than he once was.
  • Sings and dances more than ever!
  • Will sit still as long as you read story after story to him.

We love you Miller and look forward to seeing what you grow up to be.  We know one thing for sure, you won’t be boring!

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  1. Yes that's for sure.....there is nothing boring about that wonderful Miller! He is so full of life and love!!

    Love him so,
    Aunt Chele


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