Monday, February 18, 2013

Growing Up Big Kid!

Just like Miller, Jackson is literally changing before our eyes.  Sometimes I look at him and have to catch my breath.  He is growing and changing so fast.  His top front teeth are on their way in and are filling in the gap the I was a bit obsessed with for the last few months.

In my mind he looks like this….


But when I really look at him this is what I see


As a 6 1/2 year old he is becoming so independent!

  • He is a full on big boy!
  • He still loves his Legos, but also play a lot of Bey Blades, Wii and all types of games
  • He may or may not have very close to beating me at Monopoly last week…we’ll never know for sure!
  • Really tries hard to be a good boy and a good example to his brother.
  • Reads and writes independently
  • Is smart as a whip…he grasps new concept so quickly
  • Can still be shy, but is becoming a little more outgoing { we had to pull him out of the Super Bowl party!}
  • Adores Kraft Mac and Cheese
  • Though he does not want to do it in public any more, he is super affectionate.  He loves a good hug and snuggle and I am so thankful that he still tolerates it!
  • He is playing soccer 4 {yep 4!} days a week.  His skills are improving and his confidence in his skills is amazing!

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