Monday, February 4, 2013

A Visitor

We are always excited to get visitors.  My sister is our most frequent guest and we were thrilled that she was able to spend a long weekend with us!
We didn’t give her much of a chance to vacation.
Friday afternoon was a wash in terms of the weather, so we had a marathon game of Monopoly.  Jackson is a blast to play with.
Jackson was student of the week, Miller had a great week at school as well, so we had plenty of reasons to celebrate at our favorite restaurant, Spritz.
Saturday morning was the usual soccer games.  Michele was a real trooper and didn’t mind cheering on her favorite nephews soccer teams.
Saturday afternoon we had a bowling birthday party and Michele once again, was such a trooper to come along and we had a really fun time.
Sunday morning was about the only time we just sat and relaxed while she was here.  The weather has been unusually cool here, so we chatted and enjoyed our coffee on the porch.  entertainment by Miller and Jackson.
Sunday afternoon we went for a long walk on our favorite beach and we had so much fun.  We all collected treasures along the way and we even had a mini photo shoot .  I’ll have to do a separate post for that.
Michele had to leave on Monday , but we were able to squeeze in one more beach walk at another favorite beach.  We again collected lots of treasures before we had to hurry home and toss her suitcase in the car and rush to the airport.
Michele’s visit was too short, but hopefully she will be back soon!

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  1. Loved my visit but was way too short! See you in about 100 days for another visit...please order warmer weather for my next visit. Ha Ha

    Love you all!!
    Aunt Chele


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