Friday, February 8, 2013

Student of the week and a funny twist

Last week Jackson was named Student of the Week.  He has been working hard on sharing and his teacher wanted to recognize him for that.  Sharing does not come naturally for a hoarder so he (we) have had to work extra hard on cultivating that. 
Allen and I both got to go to the assembly.  As usual we came prepared with not 1 but 2 cameras; but neither was giving us very good shots.
DSCN2967 So I asked our friend, Scott, to get a picture of Jackson.  He got a couple of decent ones.
st of weekst of wk 2
Thanks Scott!
Now the funny twist is this…
Last week Miller had a couple of really good days at school.  Those good days were preceded by many not very good days at school.  So last Tuesday when I went to pick him up I got the report that Miller had had a great day, except that he gotten locked in one of the cabinets outside the class.
That’s weird since the cabinets (used for backpacks and lunch boxes) lock from the outside.  It then comes out that the twins (Scott's sons) had locked him in the cabinet, after he asked them to!
Miller asked them to lock him in there and being good 6 year old boys, they obliged.  All the adults got a good laugh out of that one.  We are friends with Scott and his wife, but we couldn't have been mad about it even if we weren’t friends.
Picture of Allen and Scott
At the assembly, Scott pointed out that his son redeemed himself enough to be named Student of the Week even after his little escapade!
Thank goodness he did or the pictures would all look like this!
After school we took him to the store to pick out some ice cream……
Here is a close-up!IMG_0339
Yep! $10.99, but totally worth it!
So proud of our boys!

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