Monday, September 9, 2013

Every Day Should Feel This Good

Saturday morning I sat down at the computer to write some blog posts.  I had nothing.  The boys have been in school, swimming in the afternoons and then it’s homework, dinner and bed.  Boring.  It’s good stuff, but nothing new, you know?

Saturday was our good friend Scott’s birthday and we had talked about doing something…it was just uncertain as to what.  The weather was yucky.  So when Scott called and asked if we wanted to take his boat to Blue Lagoon Island, I thought “it’s thundering.”  What came out of my mouth was, “how soon?”

It takes a special kind of crazy to go out in a thunderstorm.  You know the joke.  A friend will bail you out of jail.  A good friend is right beside you.  That’s us apparently.

We had a blast!  We got away from the rain, and the kids love the inflatables in the water!


They think they are on the show Wipeout.P9051609P9051610

They couldn’t get enough of the slide.


Just getting to the top is a chore.  You have to climb up the slippery back.


Miller was just a little short to get up the  first step, but after he got up there, he was fine with the rest of the steps.


They also loved this jungle gym thing


So they could jump off the top!


Eventually, they talked the dads into going down the slide.




The Grand Finale!


It looks like they’re holding hands!  Phew!  They’re not!


The real grand finale is  not shown in pictures.  {After we went back to sit down I left my camera on and the battery died.}  Scott’s friend is a manager at Blue Lagoon and he let us stay after hours.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  No tourists or lifeguards.  Just us.  Awesome, right?

The Dads went on a tour of the island with Scott’s friend and the boys and I stayed and played.  At one point they decided it was just too far to swim back around and climb back up the slide, so they should just slide down the back.  Yes they are crazy!  Yes, I let them.  I know!


This is the only picture I have  of the back, but they climbed up to the top {about 20 feet} and pushed off and then bumped and bounced all the way down until they landed at the bottom.  Usually in some crazy fashion!  Jackson had some wild landings, but no permanent damage done.

OH!  MY! GOODNESS! It was hilarious!  When the guys came back and saw what the boys were up to, 1)they couldn’t believe I let them 2)Allen had to try it and 3) Scott ran to get his phone to video it!  Of course I do not have the video—yet, but it is coming!

No way was I going to try it.  Just bouncing on the water trampoline thing with 4 boys was enough for me.  That thing would have had me in traction for a month!  As it is, my ribs are killing me from laughing so hard!

We ended the day with a gorgeous sunset on the boat, a yummy steak dinner and home made coconut ice cream.

As Vineyard Vines says

jen darling by j.k.h. nelson

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