Monday, September 23, 2013


Yesterday was the first full day of Fall!  I love Fall.  You really wouldn’t know it is Fall here though.  It is still hot, sunny and humid as all get out!  This time of year when the rest of the world is beginning to talk about chilly weather, leaves, pumpkins and all the other lovely things associated with Fall, I feel a little like I am missing out.  Mind you I love it here and know that missing a few seasons is a small price to pay for living here, it’s just that I really love fall!

The other evening we were out on the dock feeding the fish and as I turned around to go inside this is what I saw.


It’s certainly not fall, but makes me remember that this is a time in our life.  During this time, we are living life to the fullest and are enjoying things many people never get to do.

We can feed our “pet” grouper left over spaghetti.  How cool is that?  We have angelfish that live in our backyard.  We can paddleboard IN our neighborhood.  That is amazing.

We aren’t really missing Fall per se, we are gaining.  It isn’t just experiences  that we are gaining perspective too.  I love that.

Speaking of Fall have you noticed how early it is getting dark?  Last night it was pitch black at 7:30. 

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  1. I will trade you my fall and winter for your heat and humidity!
    Aunt Chele


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