Monday, September 30, 2013

Free at Last

Hopefully this will not give us bad luck, but I am an optimist, so I am going forth!

Thursday and Friday of Week before last, Miller was doing better and was back in school.  Friday night as we were putting Jackson to bed, he had a fever.  Darn!  So he had the fever on Saturday and we sat around the house…again. 


By Sunday afternoon he was much better so  were cautiously optimistic.  Monday morning he was fine, so off he went to school.  Monday afternoon he told me he had a headache and thinking he was hot and dehydrated, I gave him Gatorade.  He threw it up. NIK_3667

He stayed home on Tuesday and by Wednesday he seemed good to go.  Off he went to school.

He was home in the bed by 10 a.m. 

He would get a low fever every 18 hours or so and then vomit once every day or every other day .  The only symptom that was consistent was the headache.


His symptoms were a little less severe than Miller’s, but I was also more aware this time how vicious this virus was.  After conferring with our doctor via email I settled in to wait it out.

Finally Saturday morning dawned without a headache or fever! 

He was thrilled to be able to go to soccer and catch up with his friends that he had been missing all week!

Hopefully, we have seen the last of this nasty virus!

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