Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I’ve always loved silhouettes.  It is such a charming art form that captures the essence of the child and some details that may be missed in the blur of day to day life.

When the boys were two {ish}  I had their silhouette portraits made.  I found the silhouette artist on Etsy and was pleased to find out that she was from my hometown of Greenville, SC.  It is so important to find a skilled artist.  I know because Patti Rishforth was not our first silhouette artist.

When I found out that she was moving to another state and that she was just a skip, hop and jump away from my mom’s house, I decided to make an appointment.


They capture the sweet aspects of the boys at this age.  They are more spicy than sweet most of the time, so it is special to see this facet of them.

Thanks Patti!

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