Monday, December 23, 2013

3rd Annual Cookie Party

For the past 3 years I have hosted a really fun party for my girlfriends.  We get together on a Sunday evening and  it’s always a big time.

cookie party 002-001

This year, per tradition, I made about 100 cut out sugar cookies and icing and we decorated them.

Once I saw this cover of Good Housekeeping Magazine, I was inspired and thought it might be fun to try some of these cookies.  Ambition is a good thing, right?


All of my friends are good cooks, it’s just that they claim not to be.  Good thing I know better.  The decorating is a bit different from actually cooking, so we had some practicing to do.


Can you tell we laughed a lot that night??NIK_4482NIK_4485NIK_4487NIK_4488NIK_4489NIK_4490NIK_4491

If there were mistakes, we just added sprinkles!NIK_4494

The results were impressive!  NIK_4503

Talented ladies!


We each put our favorite cookies in the middle of the table.  They are all so different


After we decorated we did a cookie exchange. 


Each of them brought 7 sets of cookies to swap.  I love that they were all different!

Poor Stef had a cookie accident on the way over.  She left the cookies on the roof of her car!  We know she worked really hard on them, though!

Everyone got an assortment of different cookies.


You know I’m southern and love a good monogram, so I couldn’t resist adding initials to the take home cookies!IMG_2699

I’m already looking forward to next year!

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