Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Elf Business

Our Elf Scout sent the boys a little message last week.


It said, “I can see you! Be Good.  Love Scout”

They sent him a little message back


It said, “OK we will be good for you Scout!”

Love that!

Today Scout sent them a note along with a Christmas ornament today.  It said,

Dear Jackson and Miller,

So even though you have been a little wild recently, Santa knew that you would like this Christmas ornament.  Santa and I hope you do your best at school today.  Remember that we see everything!

So here is the ornament


The teeth!


A couple of weeks ago when Jackson and I were on our date, we found a little puffer fish that had washed up on the beach.  Jackson was in decorating mode and said he wanted to make a Christmas decoration out of it.  Yep that didn’t happen.

Yesterday while Mama Scout was out shopping she came across this heinous decoration and knew it was destiny!

Jackson was beyond thrilled that Santa had taken that puffer fish we found on the beach and turned it into an ornament {with a straw hat none the less}!

That Scout Elf is just amazing!

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