Friday, January 31, 2014

Cold and Junk

You know that kind of cold you get when it starts you know it is going to lay you out?  We have been dealing with these colds for about 10 days and let me just say it…  This sucks!

Last week Miller was home from school with it, this week J has been home for a couple of days.  No fever, just a deep nasty cough.  Jackson has been full of energy though.  Keeping an energetic sick boy at home is a cruel experiment in torture. 

To top things off I had it too, which even with Sudafed made me feel like laying on the sofa with a magazine was overdoing it.  This too shall pass.  I am thankful for strong bodies that will heal and the time I have to devote to my boys’ needs.

Yesterday Jackson was watching a movie and was fooling with the apple tv remote.  I had to take it away from him.  It was annoying. See above about an experiment in torture.  When I looked over at him a few minutes later, I saw this.


He had to hold a remote to watch tv.  Such a funny boy.  That remote does not control anything that was currently playing on the tv, but he needs a remote to watch tv!

Ok this is boring.. how about a joke?

So there is a man who has a really bad cough and goes into the pharmacy for some cough medicine. 

He can’t find any so he asks the pharmacist to help him.  The pharmacist has trouble finding it too. 

Eventually he hands the man a bottle of laxative and tells the man to drink the whole bottle.  The man drinks the whole bottle and says, “How does a laxative help my cough?”

The pharmasist says, “It doesn’t, but now you’ll be too scared to cough.”

And now you’re laughing, right?  Not really.  Maybe next week I’ll have some better material!

Until then I’ll be here…coughing!

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