Sunday, January 26, 2014

Catch up!

Remember when I had a blog?  Remember when I used to write posts on a regular basis?  So I have been a bad blogger, but sometimes life is just like that.

I’m going to do the best to recap the exciting events  we have done recently.  We went to soccer, we rode bikes and I ran some errands.  Oh, I don’t want to forget that I’ve been doing physical therapy for my knee.  It is doing a lot better, but the physical therapist is killer!


We’ve had some crazy weather and when the winds are high these hotdogs are usually on the beach!  We love watching them!


Miller’s eye is all better from his knife fight!  Unfortunately he has to wear glasses now!


Jackson was named Student of the Week for the Library.  Because he is awesome- and shy.  Look at the picture of him!


Isn’t he the cutest in his tie?  I die!

Miller loves his daddy, a lot, a lot, a lot!  So do I. 


Are you jealous of the bars on our doors? I am over them!   They are here to serve a purpose, so I deal with them.

We also has the trike a thon!  I’m going to have to give that it’s own post though!


I recently read the Tina Fey book, Bossypants.  It was the funniest book I have ever read.  Not often that I read books that make me laugh until I cry.  Read it, you won’t regret it!

I think that about catches you up!  Now go forth and conquer!

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