Monday, January 13, 2014

An Accident

Last Tuesday (just after saying that we hadn’t had much to blog about), I got a call from the school.  The teacher’s assistant told me that Miller had cut his eyelid and I might want to come up to the school and have a look at it.

When I got there I was not prepared for it.  I was picturing somewhere near the eyebrow.  After all Jackson has two scars up there from running into things.

So when I saw this, I was taken aback!


Bless him!  We really have quite a few conflicting stories as to what happened, but the bottom line is he was playing with a plastic knife while using Play-Doh and somehow he broke the knife and ended up getting cut.  What?  I know it makes no sense, but the only thing that matters that is he had an accident.

I quickly decided that a trip to the doctor was in order.  I have to stop and say that I truly adore our family doctor.  He is calm and patient and always fits us in when we need him.

After examination, the doctor determined that he had a laceration that didn’t need any treatment.  They put some drops in his eye to make sure that the eyeball was ok, which it was.  I can’t get over how lucky this child is.  You can see how close he was from literally poking his eye out.  Yet, God is always with this boy because he is just fine!

After debriefing my good friend Kelly, she informed me that the story is just not good enough.  The story has to be this…

He got in a knife fight…in Kindergarten.

Oh and in case you’re worried about if it hurt or not, I can tell you that he never cried and was more excited about the sucker his teacher gave him than anything else this week!  Go figure!

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  1. Bless sweet and so strong! So glad he is OK.

    Aunt Chele


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