Monday, November 24, 2014

Can’t Keep Up!

The funny thing is that I just can’t seem to keep up with the blog, yet I’m not doing anything different.  Of course things are different.  The boys are getting gigantic!

This fall I started volunteering at the boys school two mornings a week.  It is great getting back to teaching, but I am sure I am not sure how full time teachers are also mamas! 

Soccer keeps us busy 4 days a week.  Miller really loves it now!  Good coaching makes all the difference in his interest!IMG_4129

We had some bad weather last week and soccer was cancelled, so I had a homework club at our house.


For dinner last week I made Vegetable Beef Soup.  This darlin’ ate every bite without complaining.  His face looked like this with each bite.  He even said he liked it.  Remember the Food Revoloution?  I guess it worked!IMG_4151

We have been getting some amazing sunsets lately.  My mama loves a good sunset, and so do I.  It makes me so happy when I hear these boys telling me to look at the beautiful sunset.  Full circle.


Speaking of which…Miller has figured out a way to get up super early…He comes into my room and snuggles up next to me and then tells me to come look at the “beautiful sunrise”.  He knows I can’t be mad at him when he is appreciating God’s work!  Smart boy!

When the weather changes here the sand flies come out in force.  One evening I got over 30 bites on one leg.  Insert sad face.  Those sand flies are the itchiest insect bites ever!


That’s all for now…

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