Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This and That

Life is skipping right along and as I was downloading pictures, I came across a few that made me smile…

Underwear on the head…does it get any funnier than that for an 8 year old?  Nope!


I had a little arm party going…I am liking the gold again…


The boys love to play “World Cupping”  It’s a game they made up where they basically walk  past each other, barely touching the other and they both fall down in mock agony.  It is really funny to watch… Until someone gets a knee to the stomach.


Have you seen this video

It may have inspired their game!

The Fantastic Four had a fun time playing like boys should!NIK_8658

We had a box and because Miller loves to play with boxes, I left it for him to play with.  It wasn’t long before Jackson read the fine print and wanted to know where the contents were!

photo 3

Somebody made his daddy proud by reading the small print!photo 1

Thursday evening as we left soccer the most amazing moon was coming up.  As we drove home along the coast, I had to pull over and try to capture it.  The picture does no justice to the beauty, but it still reminds me of the breathtaking beauty around us!


Miller is finally getting the hang of the skateboard.


Jackson is getting better all the time!  NIK_8616

That reminds me I have to go find his knee pads!

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