Monday, November 3, 2014

Unexpected Blog Break

I haven’t blogged much this month and it was totally unintentional.  We had a big trip and leading up to it I was sick, then busy, then gone, then playing catch up.  Life doesn’t seem to be slowing down, but I better get with it or else my blog is going to perish!

unnamed07 (2)


Before we left there wasn’t too much going on.  The boys play soccer 3 afternoons a week and we get home around 6.  We hurry to finish whatever homework they haven’t done yet and then eat dinner, get a bath and go to bed.  It’s not glamorous, but it is comfortable.

Jackson has gotten so so big.  He is about 52-53 inches these days!  Where has my little boy gone?


Miller has been into making things.  Give him some paper, tape, glue, a rubber band…really whatever and he will make something fun from it.  I think in this picture he made a menu for an Italian Restaurant complete with 3D spaghetti.

unnamed 05(2)

Allen and I went to a friend’s 40th Birthday party and it was amazing.


Our good friends got to move into their new home and it is so good to have them back in the neighborhood.  The boys are loving the freedom of going a street over on their own.  Giving them freedom is such a double edged sword.  I love that we live in a place where they can have freedoms, but I also hate giving up some of the  knowledge of what they are doing.  Ahhh growing pains!

Ok that’s it for now.  I’m coming back soon with pics from our trip.

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  1. Thank you for the post! Was really missing the updates. Luckily you were here for some of the down time.
    Aunt Chele


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