Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Stories

A few days ago I went to the attic to dig out some of my Christmas books from my teacher stash. The teacher stash is buried in the deepest darkest part of the attic. Before going up, I did what I usually do when going to the attic. I put a stool in the hall and told Jackson to sit on it like a good boy and I would bring him a surprise when I came down. Do you see where this is going? As I was digging through all my stuff, I heard something drop. And it wasn't downstairs, it was in the attic. I turned and there was Jackson --IN! THE! ATTIC! Holy cow and he even brought two cars, a whisk broom and dust pan with him (that was what he was carrying around that afternoon)! All I could think of to say to him was, "Santa Claus saw you do that!" Huh? Pretty lame, huh? Well we made it back down safely, and we now have a pile of Christmas books to read. He loves them. Yesterday we were reading some books when my two boys scooted together and Jackson read to Miller. You can imagine how proud my mommy/teacher heart is!
{Notice there is a car in his hand, these days there is always at least one car in his hands at all times}

Sunday afternoon Miller decided he was tired of his point of view, so he rolled over. You may remember that he could roll from front to back, but now he rolls both ways. He is scary strong for his age!


  1. What precious perfect children you have!! :)Really...

  2. Oh, my mommy and former teacher heart are so happy to see these photos too! I am about to have baby #2 and I hope that my daughter "reads" to her brother or sister too! :)

  3. Already scholars. Look how studious they both are, reading that book!!! Makes an uncle / teacher / academic's heart very happy and proud as well.


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