Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time with mom, catching up

My mom just left this morning, and we had so much fun while she was here. She got here Friday night, then first thing Saturday morning she did our family photo shoot. We got some great pictures for our Christmas cards. If you don't have a photographer in your family, I highly recommend getting one. It is so nice. This one makes my heart sing.

My boys

Saturday afternoon we went out to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Not only was it yummy, but Allen stayed home with the boys so we could relax and not have to worry about spilled drinks, or crayons rolling off the table (that is a big deal, trust me). Thank you Allen! After lunch we went to the store to buy mom some comfy shoes. She has put it off for long enough. I had to take command of the situation and make it happen. She is still upset that I made her spend so much on a pair of shoes, but she NEEDED them. Then we went and got our Christmas tree.

Sunday morning we got up bright and early (like we do every morning-ugh!) and did Miller's 3 month photo shoot. For a happy baby, he managed not to smile in one single picture, but that is fine because they are precious anyway. Do you like?

Then Sunday afternoon we put up the tree and decorated for Christmas. Last year we were selling our house, so we hardly decorated at all. This year we have a good bit of decorations out, but not all of them. Tabletops are free for touching so we have to be selective about what we put out. This was Jackson's first year trimming the tree. Here is one of him actually helping. Most of the time he was rummaging through the box making a mess.

Here is mom and Miller while we decorated the tree.

Monday morning Jackson went to preschool, which is always nice for me, but this Monday was even better because I had mom to help me with Miller. I got so much accomplished. My favorite thing that I accomplished was getting to JoAnne's fabrics and buying some red burlap. What in the world would I want red burlap for? Well for covering the pots on these!

Mom brought me 2 HUGE gorgeous rosemary topiaries. The pots were too big to put in anything I already had, so I decided to get some burlap and make them a package. The smell is divine! I love topiaries, I love rosemary, I love Christmas, and you know I love my mom. If you don't have someone who has connections in the garden business, I highly recommend getting one, they are so handy! Thank you mom and Mr. Stacy.

Now I'm going to do a makeover on this fall looking blog--if I get some cooperation from my butterbean!


  1. What a fun visit you had! I can't wait to see the Christmas card picture.

    Love the Christmas blog. Can you pimp mine in all your free time???


  2. Miller looks so big now -- in the picture with your mom, especially! I can't wait to see y'all soon!

  3. So very cute, both of them. I have the picture of them together on the bench (wearing Lobo Cherry and Silver, I might add!) as my work computer desktop image.


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