Friday, December 26, 2008

Trains, Trucks and Boots, Oh my!

This was Jackson's first Christmas where he really knew what was happening. Typically when we get up, he asks to go into our room(We go in and I hope that he will snuggle but he just wants to jump on the bed). This time on Christmas he got up, Allen carried him into our room and he would have none of it. He knew what day it was and he was wasting no time jumping on the bed.

When he went to bed there were no presents under tree, when he went into the living room there were lights on the tree and it was full of presents. He thought they were all for him (and honestly most of them were)!

Santa brought Jackson and Miller a train table and somehow his Aunt Chele and Uncle Mark knew he would, so they brought him tracks for the table. His Lala gave him Mack (from Cars) and that was a huge hit. He also got some Converse high tops from his aunt Chele(adorable, but so hard to get on!) We got him some pirate rain boots and they have been off and on his feet more times than I can count.

Miller got some fun toys too, but he is happy just being held. Jackson was such a good big brother he helped open all of Miller's gifts for him.

Christmas is so much fun with children!

Opening his stocking--the fun begins

Miller the Great!

"MACK! It's MACK!"

Posing with his Converse High Tops

This blur is what happens when a 2year old is too excited for words!

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