Friday, December 12, 2008

We are THAT Family

We are THAT know the ones with the child freaking out on Santa's lap. Miller was as charming and happy as could be. Jackson was all ready, and had been practicing telling Santa about the train table he "needs" for Christmas. He was down with it until it was our turn next. I tried to get the elf to let me show how nice Santa was to the boys who were doing their thing. Uh-uh! Please step back! We peeled him off of me plopped him in Santa's lap and tried to get him to smile. Who are we kidding? He wasn't having any of it! And hey, there were no tears--there's always next year! Merry Christmas



  1. And then there was as a cucumber!! The last picture is really cute.

  2. It's a really cute picture! Miller is precious and you can't blame Jackson for being a tad nervous, it's not often you ask him to sit in a jolly strangers lap!!

  3. I love the pictures! Lucky you to not have any tears!!


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