Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Can you believe that it is already time for Miller to start solids? I can't, but it is! We started with Oatmeal cereal and it was a big hit! Miller loved it! He liked it so much that he kept trying to help me put the spoon in his mouth. He ate so well that he took a nice long nap afterwards. Last night I gave him cereal again at 7:30 and he slept until 4. He had been backsliding in the sleep department and was waking up every three to four hours, so now I'm looking forward to getting some longer stretches of sleep again!

Look how he is grabbing that spoon and trying to feed himself!

Hank is the sweetest dog! He is so patient and docile.

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  1. Way to go Miller! Momma needs you to be the good eater!! :)



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