Monday, February 23, 2009


One well boy is better than no well boys, right? Jackson is doing better. He still has a runny nose, but has had no fever for over 24 hours. I've got some real mixed feelings on the whole flu shot right now, but since he had the flu shot and got better much faster than Miller I might have to give it some serious consideration next year.
Miller has developed a bad cough-which I expected. Since my only experience with having a boy with a cough involved pneumonia, I called the doctor, as any good paranoid mama would do. Turns out she was concerned about his new symptoms and continued fever and wanted to see him. Good news is that his lungs and ears look good! So now we wait to see when he stops running fever. Thanks for all your prayers--they work!
We hope to be driving to Greenville on Wednesday. If Miller isn't better, we will play it by ear, but we are still going! He has to meet all his peeps!
Hopefully tomorrow I will have some great news!


  1. You need to get them babies better and hit the road!


  2. So glad that Jackson is feeling better and I hope that Miller is on the road to recovery! Have fun on your trip, I'm sure that Kelly is super thrilled to see you!


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