Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Worm

Ok, so I have been a bad blogger. Days have been flying by and I am just trying to keep up, so cut a mama some slack. Lots of random stuff to share...

*The other day Jackson was eating lunch and here's how our conversation went:
Me: Do you want some fruit?
Jackson: Yep(I'm sure he really said "yes m'am, but whatever)
Me: Do you want dried fruit (raisins or dried apples)or wet fruit(peaches)?
Jackson: Clean fruit!
Me:Huh? What?
This went on a couple more times until I figured it out. We are still in the midst of potty training and to him dry = clean. That'll be clean and dry fruit!

*Sunday we had a leaky water heater. Water all over the floor. Not good. After lots of debate, my handy hubby decided to leave a project with gas up to the professionals (THANKS HONEY)! Thankfully he could take the day off on Monday to deal with it. He called the plumber at 7 and they were here by 8. We got an honest plumber who told us that we didn't need to replace our water heater which would have been about $2,000 because we had to bring it up to code when it was replaced. All we needed was a new pan. $200 and one hour later we had hot water again. Hot dog, showers for everyone!

*Last night was president Obama's first State of the Union address, and I won't go into politics here, but my message to him is this: President Obama, I think you have really good intentions and you are honestly trying to make our country better, BUT if you ever pre-empt The Bachelor again and I can't say up until 11:30 to watch the end of it, I will be very upset with you!

*Miller has been improving his mobility skills. He doesn't crawl, he doesn't lurch, he does the worm. If you are a child of the 80's you'll remember the movie "Breakin'" and I'm sure you'll recognize Miller's moves. He's got a future in break bancing... If this video ever uploads you will see what I am talking about.
He is heading for the car on the other side of the rug, but then he abruptly makes a left because he sees a little piece of shiny foil that Jackson left on the floor after eating his Valentine Candy.
Here you go, Breakin'

And it's sequel, Breakin' 2


  1. That dude has some rad moves!


  2. Did you get to see the crazy bird killing mom on the Bachelor? Yikes. That was worth staying up for.
    Miller really is doing the worm. I love it.

  3. Go Miller! Wow, it's just been 2 months (not even) since I was there, and look how much he's grown and learned since then. That little dude is seriously mobile. I suspect he'll be adding to the moves quickly. :-D Uncle Mark

  4. Has JP seen this??? I think she has some MAJOR competition!! SO FUNNY!! Love you. Cathy

  5. Melissa, that woman was a weirdo, so glad she's not my mom.
    Cathy, I bet JP hasn't seen it. Don't think she is a computer gal! Maybe I'll email it to her and see if I get a response.

  6. I love inchworms!!



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