Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pile on

Jackson doesn't really play WITH Miller, he plays near him. He isn't really sure what to do with him, but is happy to cooperate if you ask him to give Miller a toy or his pacifier. The other day Allen asked Jackson to give Miller a toy while he was sitting in his excersaucer, and this is the result. If one toy is good, then 27 must be awesome. These boys, I tell you!

Just a few of my favorite things here.

OK Jackson, can I have another.

Let's see there is a spot over here that isn't covered up.

Um, maybe just one more.

Finally, I am up to my eyeballs in toys.

No babies were harmed in the filming of this!

We have been working really hard this weekend on a makeover in one area of our house that needed some TLC. We hope to finish up tomorrow.


  1. Glad that no one was hurt in the filming!! Miller looks like he was "up to his eyeballs"!!

    What a helpful big brother!

  2. That is so funny. Miller was a good sport.

  3. It's all I can do to stay sitting in my chair laughing (as opposed to ROFL). I guess Jackson couldn't decide which toy his brother would like better. Wish I could've been there to see that.

    I hope you got (get) the project done. I hate throwing money into the old "rent hole," but sometimes living in an apartment is so convenient! Even with my management company....


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