Sunday, February 22, 2009

Since Thursday

Since Thursday...we have wiped gallons of stuff off of their noses, gone through two bottles of Tylenol and two bottles of Ibuprofen, bought a pair of cowboy boots and a John Deere tractor ride on toy, made one call to poison control (It was a clerical error not a medicating error it turns out), slept in 4 hours shifts, watched the movie Cars, cancelled our date night and wished this would hurry up and pass umpteen thousand times!
Since babies tend to stop progressing while they are sick you wouldn't expect much in the way of development, but you'd be wrong. Miller is sitting up for a lot longer, he is worming his way through the house, and has cut his first tooth.
Since Thursday I've been lazy and have hardly taken any pictures. When I can see straight I will post them then. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers, we still need them!

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