Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby

Miller's half birthday is today. Where has the time gone? Wasn't he born just the other day? Anyway, what's the deal with half birthdays anyway? It's not even a real thing, right? Well you'd have to be cursed, I mean blessed with a summer birthday to get it. Nothing prepares you for the realization that you'll never get to have a party at school, and to add insult to injury he'll have to suffer through the endless parade of fall and spring class birthday parties knowing he’ll never get to share his special day with his classmates. It’s like always coming in second place at field day, but with icing instead of a red ribbon. Oh wait! I think I am talking about me instead of him...
I love you Butterbean!


  1. This is so funny because I often lament the fact that I don't have children with summer birthdays! I envision all the fun, clever party ideas that we are missing out on! Happy half both of you!

  2. Happy Half Birthday Miller!!! We should have a half birthday party for him, we'll eat the cake:)

    Summer birthdays are the best! I wish my kiddos would have them. All I have to say is... Pool parties!!! How easy is that to plan?!?

  3. Happy half birthday! I see pool parties and backyard camping parties in your future.

  4. Happy Two and a Half'th Birthday, Jackson!

    Uncle Mark


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